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Medical Glove Company Limited establishing guidelines in accordance with this policy and in accordance with the duties.

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Medical Glove Company Limited The goal is to conduct business with good governance, and to adhere to transparent

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The company has determined Anti-corruption policy and other related policies ethical practices in order to provide confidence to all stakeholders.


Medical Glove Company Limited Committed to conducting business to achieve the goals with integrity, transparency and anti-corruption of all kinds by the Directors. Executives, employees, and persons involved in working in the Company, whether by offering, promising, soliciting, demanding, giving or accepting bribes, or committing acts of behavior that implies corruption by adhering to and complying with the Code of Conduct.
The definition of corruption is dishonesty, illegality and good morals by offering, promising, demanding, giving or accepting bribes, regardless of whether the action causes the company to receive or lose benefits.

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  1. The Board of Directors is responsible for formulating policies and overseeing effective anti-corruption support systems. To ensure that the management is aware of and values anti-corruption and cultivates it into a corporate culture.
  2. The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the financial and accounting reporting system. Internal control systems, internal audit systems and risk management systems ensure compliance with international standards. Be concise, appropriate. Modern and efficient
  3. The Chairman of the Executive Committee and the executives are responsible for establishing a system and promoting and supporting anti-corruption policies in order to communicate to employees and all stakeholders, as well as review the appropriateness of systems and measures to comply with business changes. Regulations, regulations and requirements of the law
  4. The Head of the Internal Audit Office is responsible for auditing and reviewing the performance as it is correct. Policy compliant Practices Authority to operate Regulations and Laws Regulatory authority requirements to ensure that appropriate and adequate control systems are in place to address potential corruption risks and report to the Audit Committee.


  1. Directors, executives and employees at all levels Must comply with the anti-corruption policy and code of conduct of directors and employees. Without being directly or indirectly involved in corruption.
  2. Employees must not be ignored or ignored. When witnessing corruption related to the Company, the company must notify the supervisor or the person in charge and cooperate in the investigation. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your supervisor or designated person responsible for monitoring compliance with the Code of Conduct of the Board of Directors and employees through the specified channels.
  3. The Company shall ensure fairness and protection of employees who refuse or report corruption related to the Company by implementing measures to protect complainants or those who cooperate in corruption reports as specified by the Company in the Notification of Business Code of Conduct Recommendations.
  4. Those who commit corruption are considered to be the company’s misdemeanors, which must be considered disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Company. In addition, it may be punishable by law. If the act is illegal.
  5. The Company recognizes the importance of disseminating, educating and understanding other persons who are required to perform duties related to the Company or that may have an impact on the Company. In regards to compliance with this anti-corruption policy.
  6. The company is committed to creating and maintaining a corporate culture that adheres to corruption as unacceptable. Both transactions with the public and private sectors.


  1. This anti-corruption policy covers the personnel management process, from recruitment or selection, promotion, training, employee performance evaluation and remuneration. Communicate with employees for use in business activities that are responsible and effectively monitor and treat.
  2. Any action in accordance with the anti-corruption policy shall be based on the guidelines set forth in the Code of Conduct of the Board of Directors and employees, including the rules and manuals of the Company, as well as any other guidelines that the Company will establish.
  3. For clarity in the implementation of high risk of corruption. Directors, executives and employees at all levels must act with caution in the following matters:

3.1 Gifts Sponsorship and costs
Giving, giving, or receiving gifts Certification shall be in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Board of Directors and employees of the Company.

3.2 Charitable donations or grants
Giving or receiving donations or grants must be transparent and lawful. They must ensure that donations or contributions are not used as an excuse for bribery.

3.3 Business and procurement relations with the public sector
Do not give or accept bribes in any kind of business operation. The Company’s operations and contacts with the government must be transparent, honest and in accordance with relevant laws.

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